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Do you need an experienced business law attorney?

Southern California Business & Real Estate Law Attorneys

When two or more parties disagree with each other, disputes can often arise. Here at DLTS Law we understand how just the thought of legal action can leave many feeling frightening, nervous and worried.

To make sure you get the best legal advice on what to do next, you need an experienced business law attorney.

Disputes can happen between anyone including businesses, professional groups, and other organizations. No matter who the dispute is with, to have the best chance of resolving it in your favour, you need a confident business law attorney.

If you currently have an ongoing dispute with another party, we can help. Whatever the claim, our experienced attorneys will evaluate your case and advise you on the next steps you should take.



Once the case is evaluated by one of our skilled attorneys, it will either be settled out of court as soon as possible or taken to court if the case is particularly strong. Here at DLTS Law we assess all of our client’s cases thoroughly before advising which path to take next for the best outcome.

Our attorneys are highly experienced and have a wealth of knowledge relating to employment law, bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate law and estate planning. When disputes from these areas develop into business law, we have the skills to develop a legal strategy that ensures you or your business are fully protected.



No matter what area of business law your case comes under, we can help. From disputes between business partners to employment law, we have the experience and team to ensure your dispute is resolved as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome.

If you’re in a dispute with another party and are unsure what to do next, we can help guide you through the legal process. For a free consultation and chat on how we can help you with your business legal dispute contact us below.

Business Law Attorneys

Resolve your dispute in an effective and timely manner. Get in touch with our legal team today.

Business & Real Estate Law Our Services


D’Egidio Licari Townsend & Shah’s business attorneys represent clients in all facets of entertainment law including Intellectual Property litigation involving Trademarks and Copyrights. Our attorneys go to great lengths to protect your written and artistic property while also defending your ability to make derivative work through the Fair Use Doctrine.

The firm also represents investors in fraud and breach of contract cases in the film industry. Oftentimes, movie making does not go according to plan and that’s when our attorneys begin their work. We’re here to protect your investment and ensure that you receive the finished product and your return that was promised.



D’Egidio Licari Townsend & Shah was built on real estate litigation and the tradition at the firm continues. Our litigators handle all facets of real estate litigation including non-disclosure cases involving fraud as well as broker negligence. The firm also handles matters involving real estate investor groups that purchase and flip or hold and accumulate real estate properties. Oftentimes, real estate investments that involve multiple investors within an LLC or corporation run afoul and you our attorneys to get involved.



The firm’s business attorneys have wide-ranging experience representing investors, businesses, and executives in lawsuits for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud in all industries. If you invested in an idea, a business or a real estate project, or if you are the principal tasked with managing and executing one of the aforementioned scenarios, D’Egidio Licari Townsend & Shah is the right law firm for you.



While D’Egidio Licari Townsend & Shah represents hundreds of businesses in all industries; our attorneys represent more businesses in the hospitality field than any other. The firm has represented more than fifty restaurants, hotels and nightclubs throughout California. Our attorneys’ unique experience and perspective in the hospitality industry make the firm an asset to all of our clients.



California is notorious for writing and implementing employee friendly laws that make it difficult for businesses to avoid employment lawsuits. Our attorneys take an aggressive approach when defending our business clients in employment defense cases. Our experience defending businesses in wrongful termination and wage and hour cases is unparalleled. If your former employee is seeking compensation for an alleged wrongful termination, then you need our firm by your side.



California is a regulatory state with endless laws and regulations that make it difficult for business owners and entrepreneurs to do what they love. Let our attorneys handle the messy paperwork so that you can focus on growing your business. Our skills and experience are well-suited for any industry including the extremely lucrative business of flipping real estate in Southern California.

The firm can handle everything from setting up your corporation or LLC, filing your intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights, to contracting with your first angel investor. We have helped some of the brightest entrepreneurs take an idea and turn that idea into a multi million-dollar enterprise. Our attorneys have represented our entrepreneurs in matters all over the world. Do not settle on Legal Zoom for your corporate needs. Let our real professionals protect your future. We are a corporate asset, not a corporate expense.

Our business law attorneys can help resolve your case. Contact us now.

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