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Have you been the victim of a fire or flood that wasn’t your fault?

Millions in Recovery

Compensation from Property Damage Claims

As experienced Insurance Law Attorneys, we have:

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Your rights to compensation are:

Loss of assets and property

Payment of medical bills

Loss of income and inconvenience

Mental suffering and stress

Experienced Insurance Law Attorneys in Southern California

When the unexpected happens, you need an experienced attorney you can trust. If you’ve been the victim of property damage in the form of a fire or flood that wasn’t your fault, then you could have a case.

No matter if you have home insurance or not, you could be entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation. From direct fire damage to ash or soot damaging your property, if you’ve been the victim of a terrible fire or flood then you need to act now to ensure you are compensated for your losses.

As some insurers only allow 30 days from the day of the incident to file any claims, you must act as soon as possible. Different types of losses will also have different types of deadlines. For example, damage caused by ash or soot usually has a much longer deadline of 45 days. Determining your different types of losses will have an impact on your overall deadline. Having an experienced attorney to file your claim is essential if you want the best outcome.

If the damaged property cannot be completely repaired, the measure of damages is the difference between its value before the injury and its value after the repairs have been made, plus the reasonable cost of making the repairs.

Claim Compensation No Matter What Your Insurer Has Ruled

Property damage disputes are rarely straightforward and can take weeks of investigation and inspection to determine the cause. In the state of California, wildfires and severe rainfall are the main causes of property damage. Many insurers will often try to underpay or deny claims if the insurance holder doesn’t have the right insurance policy e.g. natural disaster coverage.

Here at DLTS Law we work hard to fight for your entitled compensation no matter what your insurer has ruled.

Using our expert legal team, we’ll be able to conduct a full unbiased investigation of the property to determine what caused the damage. We’ll then be able to bring your case to court and recover compensation for any damages or loss of assets you have incurred.

Fire Injuries

It’s not just property damage that we cover. If you’ve been injured as a result of a fire or flood that wasn’t your fault, then you could be eligible for medical compensation. Classed as non-economic damages, you may be entitled to compensation if you’ve suffered from injuries, stress, depression, anxiety, and inconvenience related to a fire or flood that wasn’t your fault.

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