Our Team

Our Team

At DST Law our motto is, and always has been, take care of your clients first, your employees second, and growth and profits will follow.

We pride ourselves in representing the consumer against corporations. We stand with the individual against the billion dollar bullies that are the insurance companies. We hold these companies responsible when they deny, delay and defend against legitimate claims and lawsuits.

Arthur P. D’Egidio, Esq.

Pratik Shah | San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers

Pratik H. Shah, Esq.

Eric D. Townsend, Esq.

Daniel I. Halimi, Esq.

Narek Mnatsakanian, Esq.

Clayton L. Zamudio, Esq.

Samantha A. Mead, Esq.

Tania Martinez

Alexandra Stark

Abigail Lombardo

Virginia Forst